Rooted in collaboration our story begins with friends who make beer and continues to grow organically. Our brand is a colorful representation of people, our stories, and our cultures untied. The project allows us to grow together in community strengthening alliances within a competitive market.

Thank you for supporting minority representation in the craft beer market.

BlackMan Brewing products are original recipes brewed with friends each batch is brewed on location. Co-packing for us is not only an extension of production capacity but also an opportunity to increase market sales and distribution. Our project is unique in this way brewmaster Barrett Tillman an African American male is inspired to create community. He is a traveling brewer without a production facility. Meaning each batch is expertly crafted and packaged on-site. Retail sales are to reach new communities. Packaged beers are travel ready for a broader reach while draft & cellared products are sold locally at the brewery. Subscriptions are available in advance for limited bottle releases. These allocations allow for product development and are featured for tap takeovers, beer style talks, and retail tastings. We intend to grow organically working closely with key accounts.

Ozark Beer Company in Rogers Arkansas is our host brewery. Look for us around Central Arkansas & Northwest Arkansas. Our story begins with collaboration and continues with your support stop by the brewery to share pints and stories.

A traveling brewmaster inspired by culture the colorful brand reflects joy-filled moments from my brewing experience. - Barrett Tillman